Family picture taken 1 week after diagnoses

Family picture taken 1 week after diagnoses

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

Alton and Natalie are sleeping but I hear Carter outside playing, "Trick or Treat". Probably with his imaginary friend, Mark. Who is usually getting bossed around because evidently he works for Carter. He's eating a sucker on the swing and explaining that the masks are just pretend but we don't like the scary ones just the same and that when you say "trick or treat" you get candy.

Started the candy hunt off at Grandpa and CoCo's house. I think it's sweet that Carter was waiting for Alton. Especially considering that we told him there was candy waiting at the door for him.

The first few pic's are a bit fuzzy because I didn't realize that my night setting was on. oopsie.
Ask Carter what he is and he will say, "Workin' Guy". Alton says, "Handy Manny."

Trick or Treat... or whatever :)

Alton was not digging the picture taking. Not a good start to the evening.

Sad boy!

Sweet girl!

Candy talk. Carter told Josie that she looked beautiful and that he loved her dress.

Alton is still not really excited about all this.

Maybe this is why we had the tears. Someone looks pretty sleepy.

On to the next stop. Now Alton's getting into it.

Papoo and Grammy's house.
Getting suited up. We couldn't seat belt them in with those tool belts so we had to redress at each stop before we went to the door.
Is it just me or is my firstborn baby looking very tall and grown up? (sniff sniff)
This is Carter at that very same door on October 31st, 2007.
What a difference three years makes.
"Here I come, Carter"

No one can get Natalie laughing quite like Carter can. She thinks that he is the funniest thing.
He doesn't even have to try.

We stopped in at grandma gee gee's too. She was so surprised and delighted.

Next stop: Aunt Tena's. She had carved these great pumpkins that led the way to the door.

I love this shot with Alton's mitt full of candy

Fog machine just kicked on and the boys are two seconds away from realizing it and freaking out.

Last stop!
Uncle Nathan and Aunt Sarah's.
We picked up a pizza on the way and stayed for the rest of the evening.

Ha ha! This expression says it all for what a whirlwind evening it was. Just four houses and their baskets were bulging. It was a fun night to use as an excuse to drop in on some family members for a quick visit. Carter keeps saying what a fun time he had and how he can't wait for next year. I agree, buddy!


My three little joys. This picture is a good reminder to me of what a blessing these three are. Last week was a rough week of testing, training and tears. I am being trained right along with my wee ones.
Tested? you bet! Worth it? Absolutely! I can't help but smile when I look at these shining faces. I need to stop and breathe every so often and choose joy in these sometimes tumultuous training years.

I thought I had gotten these boys to bed. Hmmm...Is my memory that bad?
They needed just a bit more snuggle time with Dad before hitting the hay.

All three were quite tickled about it too. Little stinkers! I can't prove it but I am pretty sure the one in the middle is the instigator. :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's been awile since I've blogged. I have been meaning too, but haven't even been turning on the computer recently. Time to start catching up with my "computer friends"! :)
   Carter's finger is making a a full recovery. It still looks pretty gross but the splint is off and we just "hide" it with a band aid. He's getting new skin and the surgeon said that he will definately get a new nail. The old one is still on. At least half of the old nail. I think it will come off any day now. Eewww.
   More updates and pic's soon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My 31st birthday

My 31st birthday was a good day. Carter and I went to Dr. Lenser's to have her check out the finger. Then just the two of us went to Target to get finger wrapping supplies. It was really fun to get to spend special time with just him. We walked around Target with our icee and starbucks and enjoyed just being. No distractions or hurry... A nice contrast to the normal everyday routine. A good start to my birthday.

Had lunch at Angie's and celebrated some little friends birthdays too.

The new bandage

Natalie's new friend, Olivia.

The birthday princess's

My new favorite picture

The traditional pink two-tiered cake. Brynnie's excited about it.

Lewis showed up for the cake. :) He also had brought me a lunch time giacomo's. Love that man!

Brynnie couldn't keep her fingers out of the cake and Jaden had fun snitching strawberries from the sides. The things we all want to do. :)

It was a good day... a really good day.