Family picture taken 1 week after diagnoses

Family picture taken 1 week after diagnoses

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's been awile since I've blogged. I have been meaning too, but haven't even been turning on the computer recently. Time to start catching up with my "computer friends"! :)
   Carter's finger is making a a full recovery. It still looks pretty gross but the splint is off and we just "hide" it with a band aid. He's getting new skin and the surgeon said that he will definately get a new nail. The old one is still on. At least half of the old nail. I think it will come off any day now. Eewww.
   More updates and pic's soon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My 31st birthday

My 31st birthday was a good day. Carter and I went to Dr. Lenser's to have her check out the finger. Then just the two of us went to Target to get finger wrapping supplies. It was really fun to get to spend special time with just him. We walked around Target with our icee and starbucks and enjoyed just being. No distractions or hurry... A nice contrast to the normal everyday routine. A good start to my birthday.

Had lunch at Angie's and celebrated some little friends birthdays too.

The new bandage

Natalie's new friend, Olivia.

The birthday princess's

My new favorite picture

The traditional pink two-tiered cake. Brynnie's excited about it.

Lewis showed up for the cake. :) He also had brought me a lunch time giacomo's. Love that man!

Brynnie couldn't keep her fingers out of the cake and Jaden had fun snitching strawberries from the sides. The things we all want to do. :)

It was a good day... a really good day.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The day after the storm

Carter seems a bit grumpy today and impatient with his handicap. I have figured out that when he's irritable his finger is hurting but he doesn't want me to know because he doesn't like how his pain medicine tastes. It is pretty nasty.
   Uncle Justin came bearing gifts and made the day better. Carter is adding to his collection of special treasures that must go top bed with him. If this keeps up Lewis and I may have to trade beds with him.
    Auntie Angie, Jaden and Josie had a bag of treasures for Carter from the Disney store when we came home from the hospital, to help make this whole experience "fun". It worked wonderfully and Carter thinks this is almost as good as a birthday. Except for that trip to the hospital.
    Lewie's employee and his wife also brought both Carter and Alton some trucks. It helps me keep him down a bit and inside away from mud and dirt. Not a good thing for bandages. :)

this is the bandage they put on at the hospital and told us to leave it. By Friday it was pretty loose. Thankfully we saw Dr. Lenser, the kids pediatrician and the nurse re-wrapped it with instructions for me to do the same twice a day. I am posting this on Tuesday and happy to say that since Friday I have gotten pretty good at it and even have lost the nausea feeling from the sight of Carter's finger.

I thought I checked and made sure that everyone's eyes were open. oops!

Carter wouldn't let me take his hospital bands off. As you can see, he is still wearing them. He finally let me cut them off on Friday before he saw Dr. Lenser. I love this picture! They love this golf cart.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Bible study and the ER

     Last Wednesday I posted on my Facebook staus "I love Wednesdays". I still do but maybe just not this one.   
      Bible study went well. I got a close parking space, Carter didn't cry when I took him to his class, Alton made it through the entire morning without me and Natalie was content as well. A perfect morning... Until Carter's caught his finger in a heavy, metal, self-closing door. Whoever thought self-closing doors was a good idea didn't have children.
   What a nightmare! I don't know how I held it together with all the blood and his screams of pain.  The sight of his mangled finger was horrible. It makes me sick just thinking about it. When I pulled it out of the door I knew we would be making a trip to the ER. I had Natalie in my arms so I started calling "help" and my dear friend Nicole happened to be coming out of the children's center just then and took Natalie. I wrapped Natalie's receiving blanket around Carter's hand to stop the blood that was literally shooting out of his nearly severed fingertip. All of a sudden there were several lady's around helping me and taking my children, calling my mom and husband, and driving us to the hospital. Dear friends and strangers (who are now dear friends as well). What would I have done if these precious people had not been around to help us.
    God was watching out for us. Starting that morning when I got my close parking spot. He knew I would need to get to my car quickly.
   I was able to get a hold of Lewis on the short ride to the hospital and he arrived with 30 minutes. Alton went with Nicole and Mom came and took over Natalie who had to come to the hospital with me since I am still nursing her. What a wild ride!
    We got into a bed immediately and soon saw a doctor. They brought Carter a blue bear that he named "jack". He gave the nurse a huge smile when she brought it to him and it hasn't left his side since.
   The x-rays showed a small fracture that they felt would not be a problem and sedated him to clean and stitch the finger. I had warned him that it was nearly severed which he confirmed after Carter was out. He referred us to a hand surgeon which we will see early next week.
    Carter's comment to Lewis when he arrived was, "I don't think I can be a farmer anymore, Dad". Daddy reassured him that he thought he could. :)
    Carter was amazing! I'm so proud of my sweet little boy.

Carter had such a forlorn look so I thought I would snap a picture of how pathetic he looked but when he saw the camara he gave me a big Carter smile. This was the temporary bandage triage put on for him.

Carter coming back to awareness with his new buddy, Jack. Auntie Angie had also brought his blankies and doggie that he loves to sleep with.

Natalie getting some snuggle time with Daddy

Home. Yay!

Tired after a BIG day!